9 smart tips for freezing food

Anyone who has tried to have a healthier routine has certainly heard the tip: make your food on Sunday and freeze for the rest of the week. The advice really works and helps a lot to resist the nonsense that appears around every corner and the urge to eat only bread at the end of the day. With lunch in your backpack and dinner ready in the freezer, you can maintain a more natural diet and still save money.

The problem is that when we are going to get our hands dirty, several doubts arise. What can be frozen? Do I put everything in one pot? How long can I keep in the fridge? To clarify these and other questions. Check and guarantee always healthy and delicious lunchboxes!

For the lunchbox to be healthy, the ingredients must also be

It seems obvious, but it is not. Many people think that just because food was made at home, it will be healthy. For health, it is useless to take only fatty dishes, too salty or low in nutrients for work, for example. Always opt for more natural spices, do not abuse the salt, vary the options and bet on the color.

Not all vegetables are worth worth freezing

Leafy vegetables should not be frozen because they lose a lot of flavor, such as arugula, watercress and lettuce. Cucumber and radish also for the large amount of water. Cabbage can be frozen in ice to be used in liquid preparations, such as juices.

Divide meals

Freeze in individual portions so you don’t have to defrost and freeze again. Defrost only what is going to be consumed at that time, because this way you will reduce the growth of bacteria in the meal and you will be able to take it with you wherever you go, in addition to getting better flavor too.


The ideal is to avoid plastic

The best container to freeze (and also to store any food in the refrigerator or pantry) are glassware with a lid. There are already several studies that point out the harms of plastic when high temperatures are used.

Very low minimum temperature and attention to validity

Keep food frozen for up to three months at a temperature below -18 degrees. Pay attention if the food is really well packaged and frozen.

Freeze and thaw more than once is not cool

The bacteria are proliferate during the thawing process. When freezing again, too it will be necessary to defrost a second time, further increasing the amount of bacteria in the food, which can cause infections and diseases that are
consume the meal.

Fruits work frozen

Pineapple, banana and strawberry are some fruits that can be frozen and then used in juices, for example. Try to freeze them already peeled, as in the case of bananas and pineapples, that the peels are not consumed.

Способы замораживания пищевых продуктов

Attention to timing sauce display

Sauces can also be frozen. It’s just not worth saving who stayed a long time at the table and were very stirred. If they bring mayonnaise or are too greasy, better not to risk it.

Season the beans in time

When freezing beans, better if it is without seasoning or with less seasoning than normal, because with freezing, the salt stands out in the food.

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