Creatine: know how it works and its benefits

If you are a practitioner of physical activities you have probably already taken or at least heard about Creatine. But do you really know what Creatine is and how it works in your body? Today we are going to talk a little bit about this supplement and how it can improve your performance.

Creatine has been conquering athletes and practitioners of physical activities, especially those who practice high intensity exercises, this is due to the fact that supplement bring numerous benefits. These benefits are linked to the effect ergogenic effect of Creatine. Do you know what an ergogenic effect is?

The ergogenic effect is caused by substances that aim to improve physical performance in the case of  upplementation of creatine, this effect helps to reduce muscle acidity and delay fatigue muscle, in addition, it helps in water retention, causing an increase in body mass as the absorption of nutrients increases.

What is it and where to find creatine?

Creatine is a compound produced by our body and formed by the amino acids arginine, methionine and glycine. It is an energy reservoir that favors muscle contraction, since about 95% of creatine in the body organism is stored in skeletal muscle. In addition, the effect of creatine is cumulative, so its consumption should be daily.

So, despite being produced by the body, there are ways increase their consumption, either by supplementation, or through a rich diet in foods of animal origin, such as:

– Salmon

– Herring

– Red meat

– Liver

– Chicken

– Codfish

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But after all, what are the benefits of creatine?

In addition act on the energy supply, the compound improves cognitive function, prevents the loss of muscle mass in the elderly and provides energy. If do you practice any type of physical activity and, mainly, high performance, in addition to supplementation, a creatine-rich diet can help to enhance your results, as it brings benefits, such as

 Assists in muscle hypertrophy

Creatine allows you to maintain training intensity and more training intensity means greater Muscular hypertrophy. This is because creatine provides immediate energy to the cells, enabling stronger muscle contractions, which will
allow you to pull more weight during your workout.

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Improves recovery in post-workout

Creatine consumption reduces inflammation after intense workouts and damage to muscle cells, as it stimulates the
proliferation of cells responsible for the increase in muscle fibers which, in turn, assist in post-workout recovery.

Speed ​​up your metabolism

In addition to enhancing the lean mass, creatine also helps maintain lean mass and indirectly assists in burning fat, as it enhances training and the more intense the workout, the more calories you burn.

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